Street landscaping is arranged by the Council in consultation with residents. It can take some years before landscaping appears due to funding and approval requirements.

Planting is paid for by the Council and usually occurs during winter planting season, May-August. The types of trees planted vary depending on programming constraints. Read the tree planting in streets policy about planting in streets.

Get a new tree outside your property

You need to obtain permission before planting a tree on the berm outside your property. Contact the Council to have your property assessed for suitability, i.e. suitability of the berm area; proximity of both overhead and underground services etc. If your property is assessed as suitable your address will be added to the replacement planting list.

Get a tree along your street

There are a range of factors that influence whether your street will be planted with trees including:

  • Street services (power, phone, water, stormwater and wastewater services)
  • Other considerations such as traffic visibility and berm size.