The location of the base of a tree or shrub defines who is responsible for maintaining it. Talk to your neighbour or report an obstruction or overhanging tree.

Private property

Under the Local Government Act, property owners are required to trim trees or shrubs obstructing a footpath, road, street sign or waterway. The Council will contact property owners about obstructions.  Property owners have a limited time to clear any obstruction before the Council may arrange for the work to be done and charged to the property owner.

Trees and shrubs overhanging boundaries must be trimmed to a minimum height of 2.5 meters above footpaths and berms (grassed areas) and 5 meters above roads. Vegetation growing through fences or hedges should be trimmed back to the property boundary line.

Talk to your neighbour if their tree or shrub is causing issues. The Council will not act or give advice on behalf of one resident against another or mediate in disputes. For further information contact the Community Law Centre, a lawyer or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Council property

The Council is responsible for trimming vegetation overhanging any public access e.g. footpath, berm, park, reserve, waterway or road median strip. Residents can prune to their boundary line, in accordance with the Property Law ACT 1965, where offending vegetation is not a heritage and protected tree.

The Council has no jurisdiction over trees on private land except where road, footpaths, carriageways or public services are affected, or where trees involved are protected by the Council. Council property is maintained by contractors who have agreed maintenance schedules.

Report an obstruction online or contact us.

Earthquake affected properties

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) are the crown entity that owns and manages the land in the flat land residential red zone. Read about LINZ(external link).