Trees and vegetation

Maximise the health and sustainability of the city’s urban trees and forests and the benefits we receive from them.

Report a problem with trees, grass or weeds

Trim trees and shrubs overhanging boundaries to a minimum height of 2.5 metres above the footpath and berm (grassed area) and 5 metres above the road.

Vegetation growing through fences or hedges should be trimmed back to the property boundary line. 

Ageing trees

Trees have a life expectancy ranging from a few years to decades, centuries or even millennia.

Apply to renew or remove a tree

Lodge a request with Council to have the tree reviewed.

Property owners and tree responsibility

The location of the base of a tree or shrub defines who is responsible for maintaining it.

Urban forests

Our long-term vision to maximise the health and sustainability of urban trees and forests.

Significant trees

Policies and rules for protecting heritage and notable trees.

Street landscaping

Street landscaping is arranged by the Council in consultation with residents.