Edible Christchurch

Grow and enjoy delicious fruit, crisp vegetables and tasty herbs in our edible garden city.

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Grow food at home

Growing food at home is a great way to eat healthy, save money and doesn’t have to take much time or space.

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Community Gardens

People grow and share fresh, healthy food at community gardens throughout Christchurch. Community gardens are great places to meet people, learn new skills and enjoy food.

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Food Foraging and Edible Parks

Growing and collecting food from public places is fun and a great way to enjoy affordable food.

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School Gardens

Many schools and early child care centres grow edible plants. School gardens provide hands on learning and a source of fresh, healthy and affordable food.

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Farmers Markets

Meet artisan food producers, growers, farmers, brewers and bakers at your local weekly farmers market.

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Food resilience

Christchurch aims to be the best edible garden city in the World, where all people have access to healthy, affordable and locally grown food.