This community centre is available for a range of sporting, dance, educational and art and craft activities. The main hall is marked out for basketball, volleyball and badminton. There is also a large stage. Behind the centre are netball and tennis court

The main hall is marked out for basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Behind the centre are netball and tennis courts.


62 Kirk Road, Templeton, Christchurch.(external link)


For hiring requests and information contact us on 03 941 8999.

Cost Main hall
  • $15.30 per hour community group
  • $31.50 per hour self-employed tutor
  • $84.10 per hour private social functions
  • $105.10 per hour commercial events, seminars and corporate events
  • $66.00 per hour community events and fundraisers
  • $425.00 on a Friday or Saturday night social booking (6pm to midnight only), outside these times the hourly rate applies.
Supper room
  • $12.30 per hour community group
  • $21.00 per hour self-employed tutor
  • $63.00 per hour commercial events, seminars and corporate events.
  • $31.50 per hour private social functions
  • $30.50 per hour for community events
  • $66.50 security charge to ensure that the facility has been left fit for purpose
  • $500.00 bond required for social bookings.
  • $150.00 cleaning charge retained from event bond if the venue is deemed not left fit for purpose


  • Standing: 900
  • Seated: 300

Supper room

  • Standing: 80
  • Seated: 30
Conditions of hire

Conditions of use when hiring a Council facility

No stiletto heels to be worn.

Health and safety

As part of the rental agreement the hirer accepts legal responsibilities to meet evacuation plans, health and safety responsibilities and to act as the facility warden.

All users are required to complete a 'pre-use' form before they use the Templeton Community Centre. These must be then signed, dated and left in the plastic drop box in the foyer of the centre. The box is cleared once a week.

Templeton Community Centre Emergency Evacuation plans [JPG, 70 KB]

Hours of hire Templeton Community Centre is available for hire Monday to Sunday 7.30am to midnight.

The consumption of alcohol is permitted in this facility.

A Special Licence may be required if alcohol is part of your event, e.g. if alcohol is being sold, or if your event is ticketed and alcohol will be consumed at the event.

In general, BYO is permitted at private functions such as Weddings or Birthdays. A Special Licence generally is not required for these types of events.

For most other events BYO may not be a permitted activity (i.e. is unlawful and prohibited)

Find out more about whether you require a special licence by checking Alcohol Licencing information and checking with the Alcohol Licencing Team directly. Please note that a Special Licence does not authorise BYO.

As the venue hirer and/or event host where alcohol is present at the event, regardless of whether your event requires a special licence or not you still have the responsibility to ensure that you are providing a safe drinking environment at your event. Please read Host Responsibility Guidelines and Tips.

You risk having your venue booking cancelled if you do not meet alcohol licencing requirements. Please note that applications for special licences must be made with the Alcohol Licencing Team at least 20 working days before the date of your event and should where possible be made before you advertise your event.

Equipment available Hall
  • 15 ceiling-mounted heaters
  • 20 tables
  • 200 chairs (single)
  • Large stage
  • 2x volleyball court poles - No net is supplied, user to supply own net
  • Zip water heater
  • Commercial oven and grill
  • Wash up sink
  • Benchtop
  • Dish steriliser
  • Fridge
  • Kitchen trolley

Users are required to supply their own crockery, tea towels, washing up cloths, rubbish bags and cleaning liquids.

No community facility has Council free wifi.

Catering No organised catering offered.
Disabled access This facility offers wheelchair access and has accessible toilets.
Parking There are ample on-site car parks.
On-street parking available.