Godley House, Diamond Harbour’s iconic heritage building and destination was badly damaged by the 4 September earthquake. It sustained further significant damage in the 22 February earthquake.

Two independent reports from structural engineers concluded that the building was unsalvageable and needed to be deconstructed and demolished. Through careful deconstruction it is hoped that some heritage fabric will be salvaged.

Download a short history of Godley House [PDF, 3.8 MB] [PDF 3.5MB].

Deconstruction work on Godley House

The deconstruction and demolition of Godley House began in mid-December 2011. Godley House has now been demolished.

Future plans for the site

Christchurch City Council will work closely with the local community and key stakeholders to look at all future options for the development of this historic site.

Godley House Wake

On 11 September 2011 the Diamond Harbour community and visitors from around the region turned out in big numbers to farewell Diamond Harbour's historic Godley House.