Located at the intersection of Victoria Street and Montreal Street.

A photo of the Diamond Jubilee Clock Tower

Also known as the Victoria Clock Tower, this volcanic stone and limestone structure has ornate wrought iron work with coloured glass around part of the tower and four clock faces. 

The tower has two white marble plaques and one bronze plaque set on stone work above arches. The upper part of the structure was designed by Benjamin Woolfield Mountfort and constructed in 1859 in England. 

Originally intended to have been incorporated into the Canterbury Provincial Council buildings complex, it was too heavy for its intended site. In 1897 the structure was incorporated into a memorial clock tower for the 60th Jubilee of Queen Victoria's Reign, with a stone base at the intersection of High, Lichfield and Manchester Streets.

The tower was relocated due to traffic volumes, and erected on its present site in Victoria Street in 1930.

The clock stopped and the finial bent with the force of the earthquakes. The tower suffered structural and stonework damage which has now been repaired and strengthened.

There is more information about the clock and tower on the Christchurch City Libraries website(external link).

View the location of the clock tower(external link).