Each year the Council's community boards set aside an amount of money to fund young people in their local community.

Apply for a Youth Development Fund grant

Under this scheme, the community boards will consider applications for a variety of activities including:

  • educational studies – this can include personal development opportunities, such as leadership skills, career development and skills training or community-based educational skills
  • cultural studies – this can include courses or seminars such as Te Reo lessons, musical training, arts colloquiums or attendance at cultural events taking place locally, nationally or internationally
  • representation at events – applicants can apply for assistance if they have been selected to represent their school, team or community at a local, national or international event. This includes sporting, cultural and community events.
  • recreation development – assistance to attend or take part in one-off or ongoing recreational events, or participation at recreation or sporting development. For example, representing Canterbury at rugby or advanced ballet classes in Wellington.
  • capacity building – providing support for personal development or growth. For example, leadership training.

On average, successful applicants to the fund have received around $300 from the community boards.

If you are not sure which community board area you live in you can use our community board map

Application process

Applications are open from 1 July each year.

Once the annual allocation of funds is exhausted the fund is closed.

Before applying, contact your local Strengthening Communities Advisor or Community Recreation Advisor, as each community board represents a different community and may have different objectives and priorities within the overall objectives of the city's Community Outcomes. It is important to discuss this when you make your enquiry.

Applications could have up to an eight week turnaround period dependent on the timing of Community Board meetings. You will be notified of the Community Board’s decision following the relevant decision meeting.

Community funding priorities and outcomes