This fund was set up to provide opportunities to National and South Island sporting events.

The Small Sports Events Fund is now closed and will reopen in April 2023. For any queries on this fund please contact

Sporting events bring participants from around New Zealand to Christchurch and provide opportunities for local sporting bodies to strengthen and develop their sport in Christchurch.

The Small Sports Events Fund is open to sports associations, clubs or event managers who may make more than one application per funding round as long as each application is for a separate event.

Successful events will clearly demonstrate their contribution to the Council funding outcomes and priorities. Organisations must be able to demonstrate their ability to contribute towards their event and not rely on Council funding as their sole source of income.

The level of support provided through the Small Sports Events Fund ranges between $500 to $2,000. 

A full event budget will be required with your funding application. The budget will need to outline all event expenses and income.

Budget information should be based on quotes from suppliers you intend to use. You will be able to attach the budget within the funding application. 

By applying for Small Sports Events Funding you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions  [PDF, 33 KB]associated with this fund. 

If you have an event you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact the Sports Promotions & Events Advisor by email or phone 03 941 8999.

Minimum requirements:

  • The event must be a Trans-Tasman, National or South Island event. This fund excludes international events, however, consideration will be given to National or South Island events that attract international participants.
  • You must have a substantial number of participants attending from outside of Christchurch and our surrounding districts.
  • The sporting event or activity must involve at least one night’s accommodation in Christchurch.
  • The event must be aligned or have support from the national or regional sporting association.
  • The event cannot be a preseason or regular season fixture.
  • The event must be held in Christchurch. 
  • The event is not eligible if it has received funding from other Council sources.
  • Must have public liability insurance to the value of $2,000,000.
  • The application must come from an incorporated society.
  • If successful the applicant must sign the Councils terms and conditions in the form of a grant agreement.

Preference will be given to events that meet the following criteria:

  • Events that are contestable to host. I.e. need to be applied for and are allocated annually.
  • Top-level national events, such as masters, elite and age group events.
  • Top-level South Island events,  such as masters, elite and age group events.
  • Events where 50% or more of the participants come from outside of Christchurch and surrounding districts.
  • Events that attract 500 or more participants in total.
  • venue hire/ground hire
  • operational or project costs related to the event
  • small equipment purchases for the purpose of your event
  • marketing and promotional expenses
  • aspects of your event relating to Health and Safety
  • volunteer, referee/official operational expenses
  • debt servicing or re-financing costs
  • stock or capital market investment
  • gambling or prize money
  • payment of any legal expenditure, including costs or expenditures related to mediation disputes or ACC, Employment Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal, professional or disciplinary body hearings
  • activities or initiatives where the primary purpose is to promote religious ministry, political objectives, commercial or profit-oriented interests
  • medical or healthcare costs – including treatment and insurance fees
  • money which will be re-distributed as grant funding, sponsorship, donations, bequests, aid funding or aid to other recipients
  • payment of fines, court costs, IRD penalties or retrospective tax payment
  • purchase of insurance covers i.e Public Liability
  • purchase of vehicles and any related ongoing maintenance repair, overhead costs or road user charges
  • private functions, lunches or dinners
  • purchase of alcohol
  • staff salaries and/or wages
  • events that have already been held
  • rent or accommodation costs
  • retrospective costs
  • travel costs