Social media

The Council engages with the community through the following social media channels. Follow us, Like us, send us a message, we want to hear from you.

Primary channels

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Read short 140-character messages called tweets. 

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Read, share and discover council news and events.

Twitter and Facebook are Christchurch City Council's primary social media channels where you can connect with us 24 hours a day. If you follow us, you can expect messages covering some of the following:

  • civil defence alerts
  • competitions
  • customer service reminders
  • invitations to have your say
  • news and events
  • updated digital content

Other channels

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Videos of Council events, news and advisories.

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Share and discover council news and events.

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Image focused social media channel.

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Professional network focused social media channel.

Terms of use

Moderation | We ask that users be respectful in their comments.  We reserve the right to remove comments which are irrelevant, disrespectful, rude, abusive, or considered spam. 

Read the full terms of use when you are engaging with the Council on its various social media channels.