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Accessibility and usability

The website is designed to meet New Zealand Government web accessibility and usability standards:

We will continually develop our website to deliver on our commitment to improving accessibility and usability for our users.

Text size

The text size for this site can be changed using your browser:

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Browser and document support

We aim to be browser and operating system neutral. This site has been designed and tested to work on the latest versions of all the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari). If you're using an older browser we strongly recommend that you upgrade it as soon as possible.

Upgrading your browser will improve the appearance of websites, significantly reduce the chances of your computer becoming infected with malware and protect your personal information.

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Portable Document Format (PDF)

This site includes links to PDF documents. To read a PDF document you need to have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed.

Download a Portable Document Format (PDF)(external link) reader from Adobe website.

If you have any difficulty displaying a PDF document, please contact us for a paper copy.

Word documents

This site includes links to Word documents. If you have any difficulty opening or displaying a Word document, please contact us for a paper copy.

Short URLs

We use short URLs to help you find information on our site.

These may appear on documents or in advertising to make it easier to get to specific pages on the site.  

Form security

Our site uses Google reCAPTCHA(external link) on pages with forms to protect against automated bots and spam. It uses various methods to verify whether the user is a human or a bot, including analyzing user behavior and checking IP addresses.

By implementing Google reCAPTCHA, we can reduce the amount of spam and unwanted traffic on our site, while also improving the overall security and user experience for visitors.

What to do if your submission has been marked as spam

There are several possible reasons for this happening. We've listed the most common causes below and advice on how to resolve the issue.

  • Your browser is not up to date: Install the latest version of your browser(external link).
  • You're using private/incognito mode in your browser: Try completing the form again but with this mode temporarily turned off.
  • You are using a VPN service: Temporarily turn off the VPN to complete your submission.
  • Your browser has extensions installed which are interfering with the security checks: Temporarily disable all your extensions so you can complete your submission.

If any of the issues listed above apply to you, make the suggested change(s) and try again.

Contact us(external link) if you continue to have problems.