General rules and information


If you are planning to carry out excavation or filling on your property you may likely to need a resource consent.

Firefighting water supply

Every residential unit in a Residential zone, or building in a commercial or industrial zone is required to have access to sufficient water supply.

Floor level requirements

Find the specific floor level heights for your property that will be considered as part of any building consent.

Heritage buildings and items

Resource consent is required from Council for alterations to, or demolition of heritage items in the Christchurch City or Banks Peninsula District Plans.

Relocating a building

Relocating an existing building to a new site within the city may require a resource consent if the property is in a character area overlay.


The rules around the placement of signs can be complex and various consents and permits may be necessary.

Protected trees and guidelines

Trees are a major part of the city’s character and amenity. There are District Plan rules to protect a number of the city’s most significant trees.

Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing is the section of driveway from the front of the property boundary to the roadway. It is possible to widen or relocate your vehicle crossing.

Works on contaminated land

Building and earthworks on contaminated land (HAIL land) may require resource consent from the Council or Environment Canterbury or both.