The Council can provide information about the owner or ratepayer for a property. You might request this information, for example as part of preparing an application for a building consent.

Ratepayer details

You can request the name and contact address for any property’s ratepayer. Contact us to make a request.

You can only request details for up to three properties.

If the ratepayer has requested that their details be suppressed, we cannot supply these details unless you have a valid transaction relating to the property. Examples of valid transactions include:

  • a resource consent application, where the applicant needs to contact owners of affected properties
  • a notice lodged by a utility company for urgent works.

You can also request property owner details from Land Information New Zealand(external link) (LINZ).

Land titles (Certificates of Title)

A land title is a document that proves who owns a property, and what legal rights and restrictions apply to it. Land titles may also be called computer registers, Certificates of Title, CTs or property titles.

A land title provides information about:

  • who currently owns the property
  • who else has an interest in the property (for example, a mortgagee)
  • easements and covenants relating to the property
  • previous owners
  • any prior computer register (title)

You can request a land title from Land Information New Zealand(external link) (LINZ).

Each building consent application(external link) must be accompanied by a copy of a land title (CT) that is no more than six months old and where applicable the following:  Lease; Agreement for sale and purchase; Licence or property management agreement. If you do not have a recent copy of a land title, you can request one in the consent application form, and the Council will get it for you. The cost of this will be included in your consent processing fees.