Land availability

As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes, and subsequent government decisions on red-zoned land, it became clear that the demand for land for housing would change from that originally planned.

The Christchurch City Council and CERA have worked to ensure there is sufficient land for housing, particularly by rezoning rural land for residential use. 

The purpose of these pages and associated maps is to help people find out what developments are happening that will provide residential sections and how to contact developers with sections for sale. For more information on these subdivisions, the developer should be contacted.

Use of maps

Please note: the information provided on section availability within the maps in this section has been provided by developers and real estate agents. The Christchurch City Council does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies. The listing of a development or subdivision on this website does not imply any recommendation of them.

The data is not comprehensive and there may be other subdivisions where sections are available that the Council is not aware of. Where a subdivision has been removed from the map this may be due to up-to-date information not being provided. There may still be sections within subdivisions that have been removed from these maps.