Construction requirements

Work to construct new infrastructure and land developments that will be owned or maintained by Council must comply with strict guidelines. This includes projects relating to lighting, roading, water, wastewater and surface water systems.

This section outlines the technical and construction requirements for these projects to make sure the work is designed, approved and built to Council standards, national codes and regulations. 

For further information, please contact our City Environment, Asset Management Team on 03 941 8999 or email

Construction Standard Specifications (CSS)

Council's technical requirements for the construction of land and asset developments in our city.

Approved materials

Acceptable materials that can be used in the construction of assets that will be taken over or maintained by Christchurch City Council.

Christchurch City Council Benchmarks

Precise level values for the Council Benchmark Network.

Traffic signal operation and design

Download the CTOC Regional Special Conditions for traffic lights and accompanying CAD templates.

Network Utility Operators

Organisations to notify where there is a possibility that underground services may be affected by your work

Engineering plan acceptance for three waters assets

Engineering plans for vested three waters infrastructure require review and acceptance by Council.

Building Information Management (BIM)

Requirements and templates to enable BIM adoption at Council.

Construction environmental management

Best practice guides and resources to assist contractors avoid environmental harm and ensure compliance.

Authority to access Council owned confined spaces

Authority to access Council services confined spaces is required before you enter any Council owned confined space.

Tenders and contracts

Proposal, tender and contract information for doing business with Council.

Subdivision landscape assets

Landscape assets to be vested in Council require review and acceptance prior to planting, bonding and multiple audit inspections.