Temporary road closures for events are divided into three types depending on the impact of the road closure on the public and properties in the area.

Apply for a temporary road closure

To apply for a temporary road closure, please contact a traffic management provider(external link) who will assist you.

If you are a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) operating in the Christchurch area you must use MyWorksites(external link)(external link) to submit your Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

The three categories of public events are:

  • Small non-commercial community event
  • Medium impact event
  • Large impact event

The impact of the road closure determines how far in advance of the event date you must submit your application, see road closure for events – 3 tier process [PDF, 673 KB] to determine which category your event falls under and the relevant process.

The small non-commercial community event category is intended to support activation of low volume and low-risk roads by local communities within specific conditions:

  • less than 150 people in attendance
  • no commercial activity will occur
  • no alcohol is intended to be sold
  • no structures greater than 100m2 will be installed on street
  • noise contour levels will not be exceeded during the event

For this type of event refer to the small community event process.  [PDF, 624 KB]