Temporary road closures

You need consent to block or interrupt traffic or pedestrians on a public road.

Temporary road closures can be caused by:

  • works such as construction, utility repairs, excavations, road resurfacing
  • events such as road races, street parties, or parades

Road closures for road works

Apply for a temporary road closure or work out which type of temporary road closure you need.

Road closures for events

Road closures for events depend on the impact of the road closure on the public and properties in the area.

Advertising and signage

All temporary road closures must be advertised in advance, and pre-works signage warning the public of the proposed road closure is required.

Temporary use of legal road

Charges apply for the temporary use of legal road, such as when fences and hoardings need to occupy public roads and footpaths.

Working on the Legal Road

All work on the road reserve, road closures and traffic or parking restrictions must be approved by the Christchurch City Council prior to the work or closure.

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