Manager's Certificate

A manager’s certificate allows you to manage any licensed premises such as an on-licence, off-licence, club licence or special licence and includes conveyances such as aircraft and motor vessels.

When alcohol is being sold or supplied to the public on licensed premises there must be a duty manager on duty at all times. They must hold a current Manager's Certificate. It is their job to make sure the premises comply with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and the conditions of the alcohol licence.

Once your manager's certificate is issued, your employer needs to complete a Notification of Duty Manager Appointment or Change form(external link) and return it to the Council and Police, to formally appoint you as a Duty Manager for your place of work so that you can then work as a duty manager for that premises.

Licensed Controller Qualification

Before applying for a Manager's Certificate you must get your Licensed Controller Qualification (LCQ).

Apply for a manager's certificate

A manager’s certificate is issued for 12 months. Renewals are issued for three years.

Renew your Manager's Certificate

You must apply to renew your manager's certificate before it expires.

Notification of Duty Manager Appointment or Change

Notify Council and the Police of any appointments, cancellations and terminations of duty managers.