A code compliance certificate is the last milestone to complete consented building work.

You must apply for it as soon as the build is completed. You or your agent should provide construction documentation to the Council as the build progresses to help speed up the process.

What is a code compliance certificate?

A code compliance certificate gives you and future owners an assurance that the building work was done to the appropriate standards, making it safe, healthy and durable.

Lack of a code compliance certificate may prevent a bank from releasing a final builder payment or increase the cost of insurance cover. If you don’t get one then you may also have trouble selling your house.

This certificate is issued by the council under Section 95 of the Building Act 2004(external link), confirming that the council is satisfied that the building work undertaken complies with the approved building consent.

Submitting your construction documentation early

We encourage you (or your agent) to provide the construction documentation, as listed on the Building Consent Construction Documentation and Advice Notes document provided with your building consent, throughout the build - it will assist with the timely processing of your application for code compliance certificate.

Online:  Submit documents using Online Services via the "Upload additional information" option.

Applying for your code compliance certificate

The owner may request a code compliance certificate as soon as the build is completed. All construction documentation should be submitted at this time, if not previously submitted.

Please refer to the Building Consent Construction Documentation and Advice Notes provided with your building consent at the time of issue.

Download the Application for a code compliance certificate [PDF, 292 KB] (Form 6 B-011) or you can also pick up an application form from any Council service desk and submit your application with any attachments using one of the following methods:

Fees and charges

Fees vary for applications depending on the type of project. Where the cost to make a code compliance certificate decision exceeds the fee paid at the point of granting the consent then additional time may be charged at the relevant officer charge out rate.

Please refer to the Building Consents Fee Schedule.

How long before I get my certificate?

The statutory timeframe of 20 working days for processing your application begins once the application has been received and accepted.

If the application is incomplete you will be notified with a request for information. The statutory clock will stop. Once the full information is provided the clock will be started again.

Please note that any outstanding fees must be paid before the code compliance certificate (Form 7) is issued. This includes payment of any applicable development contributions.

Refusal of code compliance certificate

The Council may refuse to issue a code compliance certificate if:

  • the work is not complete; or
  • we do not have adequate evidence that the work complies with your building consent; or
  • we do not have adequate evidence that the work complies with the building code (this may include required documentation not being supplied).

If you haven't applied for a code compliance certificate within two years of being granted building consent, the council may contact you to find out how you are progressing. They may also decide to inspect the building work.

Please note that passed final inspections obtained before September 2010 or up to July 2011, depending on the scope and nature of building work, may require another final inspection to ensure the building work complies with the building consent and building code has not been affected by the Canterbury Earthquake sequence. When you apply for your code compliance certificate, you must attach, where applicable, any outstanding documents not already submitted to Council.

The Council also reserves the right to re-inspect building work where the period between the passed final inspection and application for a code compliance certificate give rise for concern in respect to the passage of time, durability, scope and nature of building work.

Compliance schedule for specified systems

You may require a compliance schedule and annual warrant of fitness if the building has certain specified systems(external link) (safety and essential systems).

A draft compliance schedule will have been issued with the building consent.

A compliance schedule details the inspection, maintenance, and reporting requirements for the specified systems in a building as defined by the applicant and is issued at the same time as the code compliance certificate, along with a compliance schedule statement (Form 10).

Opening to the public

Unless a certificate for public use has been issued, members of the public cannot use or occupy public premises which have not had a code compliance certificate issued. Any breach could result in enforcement action by the Council.

Selling without the code compliance certificate

If you are building, or arranging to have built, a household unit for the purpose of selling it you must get a code compliance certificate before completing the sale, or before allowing a purchaser to take possession of the household unit. The only exception is if the on-seller and purchaser sign an agreement to waive this requirement.

There is a standard form for this agreement which advises of any potential extra costs being passed on to the buyer. For further reading see Building Act 2004 - revision section 362V(external link)