Long Term Plan

The Council has adopted the Christchurch City Long Term Plan 2015 – 25 which sets priorities for the next 10 years and beyond.

The Plan lays out what work the Council will do, when, and how to pay for it.

The 2015-25 Long Term Plan 

We listened – changes to the draft Plan

  • Volume1 contains the Mayor’s introduction, rating information, activities and services, the planned capital programme and financial projections for the 10 years covered by the plan. 

  • Volume 2 contains the Finance Strategy and the Infrastructure Strategy;

  • Volume 3 contains the Significance and Engagement Policy, detailed rating and financial management policies, information about the council controlled organisations for which the Council is responsible, fees and charges and other information.

Documents and Links 2015-25

Documents for the 2015-25 Long Term Plan.