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Digital screen billboards - 399 Lincoln Road

This publicly notified resource consent application is to establish two digital screen billboards, each 29.2m² in size, located in the eastern corner of the site, generally facing east and west.


Metro Sports Facility – Aquatic Sensory Experience

When Metro Sports Facility opens in 2022, it will be the largest aquatic and indoor recreation and leisure venue in New Zealand. It will include an Aquatic Sensory Experience. Let us know how you would like to use the space.

Blossoms on front cover of Draft Tree Policy

Draft Tree Policy

Our policy for managing and maintaining trees in public open spaces

Playground picture

Your ideas wanted for 10 Shirley Road

The Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board wants to hear your ideas and aspirations on the future use of 10 Shirley Road (former Shirley Community Centre site).

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Comprehensive care retirement village 78 & 100 Park Terrace

The publicly notified resource consent application at the Peterborough site (78 Park Terrace) will include 80 apartments and 83 car parks. The Bishopspark site (100-104 Park Terrace and 20 Dorset Street) will include 70 care rooms, 54 assisted living suit

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Community Facilities Network Plan

We want to support the network of community centres and halls across Christchurch city and Banks Peninsula so these spaces are well used, and people come together there for lots of different activities.

New location for improved bus stop and shelter

Easier way to catch the bus: The Palms

We're moving and improving the bus shelter at The Palms

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Proposed Plan Change 4: Short-term accommodation submission

We’d like your feedback on a proposed change to the Christchurch District Plan relating to short-term accommodation in residential, papakāinga and rural zones.

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Colombo Street Cycle Route Connection

We’re trialling a new type of cycleway on Colombo Street and lowering the speed to 30km/h. Slower roads means safer ways for everyone.

Ascot Community Centre Draft 4 Expression of Interest

Ascot Community Centre - Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest - Management and the running of the Ascot Community Centre