Dogs in parks

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COVID-19 dog parks status

The Government is asking for everyone to stay at home. Their advice is that you can go for a walk or exercise outdoors for a short time, and to stick to simple walks or exercise spots close to home. When you are out, you must stay two metres away from anyone who is not in your household.

If you are using one of our dog parks please keep your dog on a leash at all times to help avoid contact with other dogs. Take your dog poo home and dispose of it in your red bin.

The following is a list of dog parks and exercise areas that are open or closed.


  • Victoria Park dog park
  • Halswell Quarry dog exercise area
  • Radley Park exercise area
  • Bottle Lake Forest Park


  • Styx Mill dog park
  • The Groynes dog park
  • Horseshoe Lake dog park
  • Bexley Park dog park
  • Rawhiti Domain dog park
  • The Spencer Park Animal Area

Map of dog parks and exercise areas

See where you and your dog can exercise off-leash with other dogs and their owners, in a dog-friendly environment.

Dog parks and exercise areas

Dog parks are fenced areas specially designed for dogs and owners. Exercise areas are open spaces where your dog can be off-leash but under effective control.

Dogs and beaches

In certain areas and times of the year dogs are prohibited from being on the beach.

Leashed and prohibited areas

As well as general rules, there are specific areas where dogs are prohibited or must be on a leash.

Walking tracks

Refer to the dog summary column to see what tracks you can take your dog on.