The Council maintains flag poles in the following locations and are maintained quarterly.

  • Bridge Of Remembrance (1)
  • Victoria Square (1)
  • Town Hall (2)
  • Four Ships Corner In Cathedral Square (4)
  • Civic Centre (2)
  • 7m flagpoles of sister cities nations on Orchard Road, near the Airport (6)
  • 10m flagpole of New Zealand on Orchard Road, near the Airport (1)
  • Fendalton Service Centre (1)
  • Park Terrace, opposite The George Hotel (3)

Flag etiquette

No flag should fly higher than the New Zealand flag. When the New Zealand flag is at half-mast, all other flags must be removed. These flags are lowered to half-mast in times of mourning.

Flags on government buildings should be flown at half-mast when directed by the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

There is no authority over flags from private companies or businesses.