With more than 1000 different options, we have plenty of opportunities for students interested in developing a career within local government and want to make a difference in their community. Here, it is truly possible to love what you do.

Two interns sitting together

Intern at the Council

"My internship was one of the most valuable parts of my degree.”

Joining Council isn't just about the job, it's about building a positive future and enjoying a rewarding career full of opportunity to grow. 

When you join us, you’re shaping our city’s future, its communities and environment.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our Internship Coordinator Astella Philpott by email at Astella.philpott@ccc.govt.nz.

At Christchurch City Council, we’re driven by our passion for creating a better future.  Our communities, our people and our environment are at the heart of what really matters to us.

We offer an internship programme across our Citizens and Community Group with opportunities in:

  • Parks
  • Sports, recreation and events
  • Libraries and information
  • Art Gallery
  • Customer Services
  • Community Support, Governance and Partnerships
  • Capital Delivery (Major and Community Facilities)

All internship projects are part-time with flexible hours, this means we will work with you on your available days and hours.

Internships at Council are project-based, so you know you’re working on something current that contributes to the development of our city.

You will receive:

  • A mentor/project supervisor who will work closely with you during your internship projects.
  • Induction, training and development.
  • Regular one-on-one and group check-in sessions.
  • Flexible hours, to allow you to work around your studies.
  • A safe environment where you can put into practice your learnings.
  • Involvement in large scale projects and unique research topics.

We have two intakes a year, one per semester. 

To qualify you must either be currently studying at a New Zealand tertiary institution or have recently graduated from a New Zealand tertiary institution within 12 months.

The process:

  1. Complete and submit your online application.
  2. Once the application period has closed, we review and shortlist the applications.
  3. Applicants are interviewed and then placements are confirmed.

Ruby Clark

Ruby Clark – Climate Resilience Research Assistant internship

“I came to the Christchurch City Council to complete an internship as a ‘Climate resilience research assistant’ as part of my master’s degree.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I turned up for my first day, but by the time I left that afternoon, knew I was in for a fantastic three months.

I was immediately made to feel like part of the team and provided with the support I needed to get the most out of this experience.

My team went above and beyond to help me create networks and opportunities for me to develop and apply the skills I learnt throughout my degree.

I walked away feeling as though my internship with the Biodiversity team was one of the most valuable parts of my degree.”

Ruby’s internship has led to a fixed-term role as Programme Coordinator Coastal Hazard.

Sophie Canute

Sophie Canute – Process Management Intern internship

"My internship was based around documenting pre-existing council processes and putting them into Promapp.

I was given the opportunity to meet a wide scope of different people in the council, run meetings, break down funding and other community processes and learn how to use a range of new computer programmes.

As an intern, my thoughts and contributions were valued and many of my recommendations were implemented.

Through this internship I learnt different processes and requirements of local government and the knowledge of these will be used in future job roles.

I enjoyed working at the Council because I was supported but not smothered, it gave me the confidence to work independently but ask questions when required.

I loved working in the heart of the city and working towards a project that was going to be beneficial to the development of the Council."

Sophie’s internship has led to a fixed-term role as Support Officer.

Closed internships

The internships below were offered at the start of 2021. More internships will be available in late 2021.

Total hours: 20 hours per week.

Start date: March 2021.

Salary: Unpaid/Voluntary.

Location: Justice & Emergency Services Precinct - Christchurch.

Days and hours of work: Flexible to be discussed and agreed with the intern.

Summary: Christchurch City Council’s Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Unit operates across the key areas of Readiness and Response in regards to managing major emergencies.

Operational Readiness relates to some of the work that we do in peacetime that allows for a smoother response during emergency events such as a natural disaster involving flooding, tsunami, earthquakes, landslides and anything that involves a major welfare impact to the citizens of the city.

In order to be better prepared for responding to emergencies. The CDEM Unit is looking to identify areas for improvement in our existing radio network and IT response systems.

Read the full internship brief [PDF, 193 KB]

Total hours: 20 hours per week.

Start date: March 2021.

Salary: Unpaid/Voluntary.

Location: Linwood Service Centre, 180 Smith Street, Linwood, Christchurch.

Days and hours of work: Flexible to be discussed and agreed with the intern.

Summary: Connecting the community with best practice communication.

The Inner City East Revitalisation project seeks to implement the vision of:

“A transformed neighbourhood for the people of the Linwood Central East through a thriving village centre, better greenspaces, better connected streets and improved intensification outcomes. All members of this community should feel safe, vibrantly embrace change, connect with one another and actively advocate for their needs”.

To help achieve the implementation of this vision, the revitalisation project recently conducted a milestone review – evaluating the project to date, and identifying areas for momentum. Identified as an area for growth and improvement was the need to more effectively and widely communicate with the community at large.

It has become apparent that this is a need for a communication strategy and framework to support the improvements needed.

Council staff have recognised that the skills to develop the strategy and framework are not at present, readily available within the existing project, and as part of our ongoing support and investment in this community, we seek to support the development of this.

While the focus of this project will be on the Inner City East / Linwood West neighbourhoods it is intended the model used and tools developed will become accessible to, and useable by other community groups and organisations.

Read the full internship brief [PDF, 207 KB]

Total hours: 160 hours.

Start date: March 2021.

Salary: Unpaid/Voluntary.

Location: Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Days and hours of work: Flexible to be discussed and agreed with the intern.

Summary: Assessment of native insect biodiversity in reserves on the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

Council manages a number of reserves on the Port Hills and two large reserves on Banks Peninsula for biodiversity and recreation.

The invertebrate/insect biodiversity on Banks Peninsula has not been well studied but is known to include a high degree of endemism supporting species which occur nowhere else in NZ. The status of many of these invertebrates is not known and many are threatened with extinction.

Invertebrate biodiversity is also fundamentally important for supporting ecosystem functions such as pollination of plants and as a food source for native birds and lizards.

One of the key aims of the Council long term plan is to conserve threatened species in key reserves on Banks Peninsula and to determine what management actions are required to prevent the decline of plants, insects, birds and lizards.

Read the full internship brief [PDF, 228 KB]

Total hours: 150 hours.

Start date: March 2021.

Location: Civic Office, 53 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

Days and hours of work: Flexible to be discussed and agreed with the intern.

Summary: Raekura/Redcliffs Historic Research.

Raekura/Redcliffs has a rich natural and cultural heritage, valued by manawhenua, natural historians, archaeologists, cavers, the local community and the city’s residents.

While Ngāi Tahu (and their predecessors Waitaha and Ngāti Mamoe) settled here in quite different historic periods than Europeans, both communities valued the micro-climate and access to rich resources of the estuary.

The coastal community was also on the main travel routes for both peoples. The suburb has historical features harking from the 19th and 20th centuries that reflect that of many New Zealand coastal villages of the time.

Of national value however is the critical role the archaeological exploration of the area’s caves have been to our historical knowledge of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

There is interest in revealing more of these histories to our visitors and the local community. Various projects are considering ways to do this, including interpretation panels, heritage trails and integrated artworks.

Several units within Christchurch City Council are considering trialling a story-telling planning process that brings all the community, council and manawhenua interests together. Currently, Mahaanui Kurataiao is updating the cultural narrative for the area.

It is now a good time to start collating visual material which can be the base of some of the story-telling projects. In particular material from the 20th century that is not currently available in cultural institutions.

Read the full internship brief [PDF, 184 KB]