Application information and documents for resource consent applications of public interest.

The Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Order 2020 specifies in clause 8 that any application for ‘Reinstatement Activities’ are to be treated as controlled activities under S87A(2) of the RMA.

This means that the consent application cannot be publicly notified or limited notified (Section 95) and must be granted (S104). The consent authority can impose conditions and that power is restricted to the matters of control set out in clauses 9 – 14 of the Order.  

Clause 17(2) of the Order requires the Council to consult with specified parties and to invite comments (not submissions). Any comments made on the application should be confined to the matters in clauses 9 -14 of the Order, comments beyond this are not within the scope of what the council is legally able to consider in its decision. 

  • Only those parties specified in clause 17(2) of the Order or invited by the consent authority are able to comment on the application.
  • This is not a formal submission process under the RMA.
  • The Council must receive comments before the closing date and time for comments on this application being 5pm, Monday 16 November 2020.

Approved consent document available for download

Commissioner's decision

Resource consent application documents

Notices of parties interested in proceedings 

Communication from the Environment Court