MyWorksites is how you apply for corridor access requests (CARs), works access permits (WAPs) and approval of traffic management plans (TMPs).

MyWorksites is a cloud application that Council uses to process CARs, WAPs and TMPs. MyWorksites has been the only way to submit these since November 2018.

MyWorksites captures better information on the impact and status of roadworks, making it easier to manage our network.

Introducing MyWorksites

Access MyWorksites

You can register for and access MyWorksites at link).  

Once you have activated your new account, you can contact your organisation's administrator who will be able to invite you to be a member of the organisation in MyWorksites.   

Find your organisation's administrator(external link) 

If you have any issues, please contact

MyWorksites training videos

MyWorksites is very user-friendly and the online training material should be all you need to get started.

The below videos demonstrate how to carry out key processes:

Add your organisation to MyWorksites

If you would like a new organisation added to MyWorksites, please complete the following information.

Approving engineers and NZTA highways

How to utilise a Traffic Management Plan Approving Engineer (AE) in MyWorksites

  • The applicant creates a new traffic management plans, this should not yet be submitted to the road controlling authority (RCA).
  • The applicant adds the approving engineer organisation to the permissions section of the traffic management plans. This will grant that organisation edit rights to the traffic management plans. The approving engineer will not be able to view the traffic management plans if this step is omitted.
  • The applicant contacts the approving engineer with the traffic management plans number or the MyWorksites traffic management plans URL.
  • The approving engineer reviews the traffic management plans and makes any necessary changes.
  • The approving engineer or applicant submits the traffic management plans to the road controlling authority for review.

Applying for a TMP on an NZTA Corridor

  • NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) North Canterbury will be using MyWorksites to process traffic management plans applications.
  • Applicants requiring traffic management plans on an NZTA corridor in NZTA North Canterbury areas must create a draft worksite in MyWorksites in order to create and submit traffic management plans for approval.
  • MyWorksites will not accept Worksite/corridor access request applications for any NZTA corridors.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the relevant road controlling authority.

BeforeUdig users

  • All applicants should use BeforeUdig system in order to ascertain what underground services may exist at the proposed excavation site. A further application to utility operators may be required.
  • For NZTA corridors, BeforeUdig will continue to create a new corridor access requests (CAR) application in Submitica.
  • BeforeUdig does not create or initiate new applications in MyWorksites. Applicants should create MyWorksites applications independently of BeforeUdig.

Surveyors and other non-intrusive worksites

  • Any organisation affecting the normal operation of a Council road corridor, including conducting or setting up non-intrusive or non-excavation works, should apply for a works access permit (WAP) and a traffic management plans (TMP) in MyWorksites.
  • Council may grant a Global Permit (equivalent to a global corridor access request (CAR)) for non-intrusive works, please contact the Council Asset Protection Team for more advice on
  • In order to maintain any existing Service Agreement or generic traffic management plans, applicants will require a Global Permit (equivalent to a global corridor access request (CAR)) in MyWorksites.

If you need more information

If you have any questions relating to MyWorksites, contact the MyWorksites support team by emailing or visiting link).