We’re in the process of creating a safer and more inviting street environment in Linwood Village.

We're currently renewing the streetscape and replacing water pipes in Linwood Village.

We're focusing on the Worcester Street / Stanmore Road intersection and road corridor adjacent to the shopping strip.

We’ll have traffic management in place in this area from mid-February through until June 2024. The construction impacts of this project are outlined below. For more information, please see the most recent start work notice.(external link)

We’re making these changes to Linwood Village as a part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the Linwood Village Master Plan, which contains a strategic vision to transform the centre into a lively, colourful and diverse urban village.

The purpose of the project is to identify improvements to the look and feel of the street in a way that builds on the village’s character, improves safety, supports good transport infrastructure and creates a quality place for people.

As well as creating a nicer street environment, these upgrades will make it safer and easier for everyone to get around Linwood Village – whether they’re walking, driving, busing, scooting or biking.

How we're improving Linwood Village

We're making the following changes to Linwood Village to create a safer and more inviting street environment:

  • A speed limit reduction to 30 km/h, with Linwood Village signage at the entry points.
  • Installing safe speed crossing platforms at the intersections of Hereford and Worcester Streets and a paved crossing at Gloucester Street – all including tactile paving.
  • A raised, paved courtesy crossing (6m long) between Hereford and Worcester Street intersections.
  • New bus shelters at both bus stops, with raised kerbs to make it more accessible for those entering and exiting buses.
  • 1.8m wide on-street cycle lanes in both directions and 12 new cycle stands.
  • Traffic lanes at least 3.2m wide.
  • Parking restrictions south of Gloucester Street changed from P30 to P10 to increase parking turnover.

To minimise the need to come back and dig again, we will be also installing new submain water pipes at some property boundaries.

Construction impacts

We know roadworks are disruptive for you so we’re coordinating our work to keep traffic flowing.

We will set up a one-way system to keep road users, pedestrians and our contractors safe while we work on the road:

  • The one-way system will be in place between Gloucester and Hereford Streets and will stop cars travelling north along Stanmore Road towards Armagh Street.
  • There will be no left turn onto Stanmore Road for those travelling east on Hereford Street and Worcester Street.
  • There will be no right turn onto Stanmore Road for those travelling west on Hereford Street and Worcester Street.
  • This one-way system will remain in place for the duration of the work, outside of operation hours and during public holidays.
  • Pedestrian access to footpaths will be impacted, however, access will be maintained to businesses, and detours will be in place where necessary. Please follow the signage.
  • Cyclists may need to merge with traffic through the work area.
  • Speed will be reduced to 30km/h through the work area.
  • On-street parking will be affected on both sides of the road where we are working.
  • There will be increased noise, dust and vibration from the use of machinery for activities such as saw-cutting hydro excavation and plate compaction.

As part of the work to install the new water submains, we will need to temporarily shut off the water connections to the surrounding buildings. These temporary shut-offs will take place once the submain has been installed and will only be for a few hours.  We will make direct contact with affected businesses and residences in advance of these shut-offs.

If you have any questions, or concerns or have some information about medical needs, construction work planned or any other activity at your property please get in touch with the contractor - Isaac Construction Ltd - by phoning 027 406 2465, Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm or emailing communications@isaac.co.nz.

Project consultation

People living and working in Linwood have told us they want a safe space where they can enjoy spending time.

We received helpful feedback from the public when we consulted on our proposed design(external link) in early 2022.

We listened and we made changes to our design as a result:

    • Made refinements to tree locations and the type of trees specified.
    • Altered the originally proposed P10 parking on Stanmore Road's east side to remain at P30.
    • Replaced the taxi stand on Worcester Street with additional P10 parking.

Our final design focuses on wider footpaths, dedicated cycle lanes, better lighting, more trees, and improved landscaping.

Project approval and funding

The Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board and the elected council approved the proposed scheme design on 31 August 2022(external link) and 8 September 2022(external link) respectively, provided that construction would not proceed until sufficient funding is available.

This Linwood Village streetscape enhancement project had previously been considered for funding under the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF) Transport Choices programme.

On 6 December 2023, the elected council approved a Notice of Motion (NoM)(external link) by Councillor Jake McLellan, seeking that the project would be funded through the Council's 2024-2034 Long Term Plan (LTP), should Transport Choices funding not be awarded.

On 20 December 2023, Hon Simeon Brown, Minister of Transport advised the Christchurch City Council that the Transport Choices funding programme would not continue. This project is now to be included in Long Term Plan discussions and will be internally funded by the Council.