If there are other kids your child can travel to school with, there can be advantages. Sharing the school run with other parents on certain days could even mean the occasional day off from chauffeur duties.

Kids walking to school in a groupNeed help with the school run?

Get together with friends or neighbours to share the load. If you all pitch in for one day a week this could mean a morning off chauffer duties and reduce chaos at the school gate.

Getting to school via a travel group students will:

Walking or scooter school bus

Each ‘bus’ walks along a set route with at least one adult ‘driver’ picking up children at designated ‘bus stops’ and walking them to and from school.

Bus stops can be outside children’s homes or a predetermined point on the street. It all depends on the route that’s arranged by you and the parents/caregivers.

The bus can be flexible to suit the needs of families using it and can go as often as parents/caregivers want to drive it. And it's free!

Park and stride

Park your car halfway to school and walk the rest of the way to be active with your kids.