Mountain bike tracks status

Please do not alter tracks without getting in touch with the Rangers, 03 941 8999.

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For detailed track maps, see our mountain bike track map(external link) and walking track map(external link). You can also check the status of the Christchurch Adventure Park.(external link)

Track Status Track type Distance Comments
Alley Express aka Upper Bowenvale D.H Open Single 1.0 km
Anaconda Track Open Single 2.0 km Lower Anaconda has some maintenance issues at the moment. Its grade is now 4 instead of 3. Please be cautious.
Bottle Lake Forest Open Single 10.0 km
Bowenvale Downhill Track Open Downhill 2.8 km
Bowenvale Traverse Track Open Single 3.0 km
Bowenvale Valley Open Shared 8.6 km
Bridle Path Open Shared 3.0 km MTB give way to walkers
Captain Thomas Track Open Shared 3.0 km MTB give way to walkers
Castle Rock Track Open Single 1.5 km
Crocodile MTB Trails Open Single
Elevator MTB Open Single 2.8km Descending riders give way
Full Monty Open Single 1.8 km
Godley Head Track Open Single 7.0 km
Greenwood Park Track Open Single 3.5 km
Huntsbury 4 WD Track Open Shared 2.3 km
Huntsbury Downhill Open Single 2.0 km
John Britten and V Twin Open Single 1.0 km
Kennedys Bush Track Open Shared 5.3 km Please follow the poled route. Track deviation due to works on gravel track from April to May. Grass bypass will be in place - please use with care.
Knapsack Track Open Single 1.0 km
Lava Flow Track Open Downhill 1.3 km
Marleys Hill Track aka Flying Nun Open Single 2.3 km Council rangers and volunteers maintain the top section of the track down to the Chch Adventure Parks Summit Connector Track.
Mount Pleasant Shared Route Open Shared 2.3 km
Mt Vernon Farm Track Open Shared 2.6 km
Mt Vernon Track Open Shared 2.4 km
Rapaki Track Open Shared 3.5 km
Taramea MTB track Open Single 3.5 km
Taylors Escape Open Single 3.5 km
Titus Open Single 1.2 km
Urumau Reserve MTB Tracks Open Single
Victoria Park Downhill Open Downhill
Witch Hill Track Open Single 1.0 km
Worsleys to Sign of the Kiwi Open Single 7.0 km
Worsleys Track to Bowenvale Valley Open Shared