Captain Thomas

Start: Intersection of Evans Pass and Summit Roads. 

Finish: Upper Sumnervale Drive or Lower Sumnervale Drive.

Access: Leave your car at the bottom of the hill. Bike up Evans Pass Road and turn right onto Summit Road.

Signage: You'll find a mountain bike sign at the start on the Summit Road. There is signage at the end of Lower Sumnervale and Upper Sumnervale Drives.

Description: The track starts 50m up Summit Road to the right as a single track on a smooth, well worn track surface.

Through the middle section there are large bluff drops to watch out for.

Follow the sign indicating a new section of track. Turn right onto a track that descends and turns left into the last section just above a stream.

Cross the stream to the end at Upper Sumnervale Drive. Exit at the playground at the end of Lower Sumnervale Drive.

Control your speed and give way to walkers and runners.