Bike theft is on the rise, and we're encouraging Christchurch bike owners to invest in a decent lock, and register their bikes with 529 Garage.

Bike locks

  • Choose the right lock and you’ll be far less likely to have your bike stolen. D-locks are generally the strongest, and a rule of thumb is that you should spend 10% of your bike’s value on a lock.
  • Always lock through your bike frame and the rear wheel to a solid object, preferably a proper bike stand.
  • We recommend checking the independent security rating Sold Secure (Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze) before purchasing your lock, especially if your bike is high value.
  • The stronger the better. Lock your bike with a good quality D-lock, chain lock or foldable lock. Avoid flexible spiral cable locks — they’re easy to cut.

A guide to bike locks


A D-lock is a secure bike lock

  • D-locks are made of heavy D-shaped steel bars.
  • They’re generally the strongest lock of all, and worth the investment.
  • The most secure way to use these on most bikes is to skewer them straight through the rear wheel, around the bike frame.

Chain lock

  • Chain locks are flexible and offer good protection.
  • They are made of solid steel links.
  • The thicker the better, ideally 8mm plus.

Foldable lock

Foldable locks are strong, practical and flexible

  • Foldable locks are relatively strong, practical and flexible.
  • They can be folded up nice and small, and usually come with a handy mounting pouch for easy carrying.

Cable lock

Cable locks are not recommended

  • Cable locks are easily cut and should never be used as a primary lock.
  • They can be useful for securing your front wheel to help avoid wheel theft.

Locky Docks

Locky Docks(external link) are a free and very secure way to lock your bike, with reinforced steel magnetised docks and the opportunity to charge your e-bike or e-scooter (BYO charging cable).

Download the Bikeep app, or simply tap your Metrocard to lock and unlock.

Locky Docks are available at various locations around the city(external link).

How to use a Locky Dock

529 Garage tamper-resistant shield

529 Garage tamper-resistant shield

529 Garage bike registry

We've partnered with bike security platform 529 Garage – the world's largest community-powered bike recovery service. You can register your e-scooter too.

529 Garage is an online bike registry that is free and easy to use. It enables you to register your bike details, including photos, a description and serial number in minutes.

It means you have all your bike details if your bike is ever stolen, and helps Police return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.

You can buy 529 Garage tamper-resistant shield for your bike, with a unique code, from participating bike stores (see map of 529 Shield stockists(external link)). This shield acts as a warning sign to thieves to back off because the bike is registered and Police will have no trouble identifying it's stolen. 

Some of the other great advantages of registering your bike with 529 Garage: 

  • Your bike will be included in a secure nationwide database.
  • If your bike gets stolen, you can use 529 Garage to send an app notification to the local 529 community and have all the details on hand to report the theft to the Police. 
  • If someone sees your bike, they can contact you anonymously through the app, or you can choose to display your contact information. 
  • 529 Garage makes it easy for Police to return your bike to you if it's found.
  • You can use the database to check if a second-hand bike you're considering purchasing has been flagged as stolen.

Download the 529 Garage app

Visit the App Store (Apple)(external link) or the Google Play Store (Android)(external link) on your smartphone and download the 529 Garage app to register your bike now. 

Download from the Apple App Store(external link)   Get it on Google Play(external link)

If you can't download the app, visit the 529 Garage website(external link)