The Smart Christchurch programme was established to take action through innovative trials and co-creating solutions to support the Council’s vision.


This strategy reflects the next level of maturity within the programme and the direction the Smart Christchurch Programme(external link) means to take over the next three years. It reflects a global shift in which ‘smart cities’ are taking a citizen-centric approach and contributing to achieving community outcomes.

While the programme has successfully delivered over the past six years, the strategy will include changes to our approach, based on our learnings, past successes and failures and a desire to ensure it remains relevant and evolves with the needs of our community and the Council. It highlights how the programme intends to implement the strategy and the main areas the programme will focus on. The strategy will be revisited and revalidated annually. 

The Smart Christchurch strategy has been conducted in consultation with our internal and wider city stakeholders and the innovation ecosystem.