Skateboarding, in-line skating and freestyle cycling represent important recreation activities for predominantly children and youth.

A photograph of children skateboarding.Many young people choose either skateboarding, in-line skating or freestyle cycling as their preferred form of recreation as an alternative to conventional sport. Given the Council’s policy focus on children and young people it is important that the Council proactively addresses the current and future provision for these activities.

An initial draft strategy was prepared in 2000 because of a perception that various skate facility developments were either taking place or being planned with little coordination across the city. Some of the facilities were being funded at a metropolitan level whilst others were being funded through community boards. The need for a coordinated and planned approach to the further development of skate facilities was a major driver for the strategy development process.

A photograph of children skateboarding.

The draft strategy was prepared and was presented to each community board for its input and comments. A final strategy was then presented to the Parks and Recreation Committee early in 2000. However, the Strategy was not adopted by Council due to further detail requirements.

In 2004, the draft strategy was updated to take account of new facilities and priorities. The final document was adopted by the Council in August 2004.