Area maps of speed limits in the Christchurch City Council area.

Overview maps

These maps give an overview of the speed limits in the Christchurch City Council area.

Map of speed limit zone TG005604/1. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/2.  
Map of speed limit zone TG005604/3. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/4.  
Map of speed limit zone TG005604/5. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/6. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/7.
Map of speed limit zone TG005604/8. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/9. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/10.
  Map of speed limit zone TG005604/11. Map of speed limit zone TG005604/12.

Map Legend [PDF, 162 KB] 
Map 1 [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Map 2 [PDF, 1.6 MB]
Map 3 [PDF, 2 MB]
Map 4 [PDF, 2.3 MB]
Map 5 [PDF, 168 KB]
Map 6 [PDF, 333 KB]
Map 7 [PDF, 110 KB]
Map 8 [PDF, 196 KB]
Map 9 [PDF, 395 KB]
Map 10 [PDF, 528 KB]
Map 11 [PDF, 315 KB]
Map 12 [PDF, 360 KB]

Detailed maps

Maps are ordered alphabetically, and show the specific locations identified in the Overview maps above.

Description of limit Map number
Akaroa SL39  [PDF 456KB]
Avonhead Park SL25 [PDF 344KB]
Birdling Flat SL35 [PDF 437KB]
Bishopdale Shopping Centre SL07 [PDF 366KB]
Beresford Street car parking and New Brighton Mall SL15 [PDF 323KB]
Bromley Cemetery, Memorial Park Cemetery & Ruru Lawn Cemetery SL43 [PDF 2.27MB]
Brougham Village SL08 [PDF 306KB]
Centennial Leisure Centre, roads and car park SL03 [PDF 324KB]
Central City SL33 [PDF 468KB]
Clare Park SL04 [PDF 255KB]
Clifton Bay car parking on foreshore, off Main Road SL09 [PDF 281KB]
Corsair Bay SL37 [PDF 495KB]
Crosbie Park SL05 [PDF 386KB]
Cuthberts Green SL01 [PDF 264KB]
Diamond Harbour SL38 [PDF 500KB]
Duvauchelle – Archdall Rd SL42 [PDF 389KB]
Duvauchelle – Onawe SL41 [PDF 244KB]
Eastern Transfer Station SL27 [PDF 211KB]
Elmwood Park SL06 [PDF 376KB]
English Park SL10 [PDF 402KB]
Fendalton Service Centre SL11 [PDF 396KB]
Hagley Park SL32 [PDF 829KB]
Jellie Park SL12 [PDF 363KB]
Linwood Service Centre SL13 [PDF 883KB]
Little River SL40 [PDF 496KB]
Milton Street Council Depot SL16 [PDF 799KB]
Mona Vale SL44 [PDF 1.77MB]
New Brighton car parks SL14 [PDF 755KB]
Northern Transfer Station SL28 [PDF 261KB]
Pleasant Point Yacht Club roadway off Bridge Street SL30 [PDF 232KB]
Porritt Park and Kerrs Reach – car parking areas SL21 [PDF 297KB]
QEII Park – car parking areas SL22 [PDF 280KB]
Rapaki SL34 [PDF 389KB]
Rawhiti Domain SL23 [PDF 246KB]
Scott Park SL17 [PDF 692KB]
Sockburn Service Centre SL18 [PDF 809KB]
South Brighton Park, and Motor Camp off Estuary Road SL24 [PDF 318KB]
Spencer Park/Heyders Rd SL02 [PDF 279KB]
Taylors Mistake Reserve SL19 [PDF 773KB]
The Groynes SL26 [PDF 239KB]
Tikao Bay SL36 [PDF 286KB]
Victoria Park, roads and car park SL31 [PDF 297KB]
Waimairi Cemetery SL20 [PDF .99MB]
Western Transfer Station SL29 [PDF 260KB]