Council, 24 August 2000.

1. Policy for Bus Shelters with Advertising

  1. All requests for bus shelters with advertising which are not located in Business zones shall be approved by an officer panel, consisting of the City Streets Manager and the Environmental Policy and Planning Manager or their nominees.
  2. Each proposal will be considered on its merits. The panel will be guided by the following assessment matters:
    • the quality and design of the bus shelter
    • how the bus shelter will look in the proposed location
    • its impact on the surrounding properties
    • the effect of advertising on the overall amenity and coherence of the area (including the cumulative effect)
    • the need for a shelter in that location
    • whether or not the public will feel safe using or passing by the shelter.
  3. Preference will be given to locations
    • on arterial or collector roads
    • outside non-residential activities
    • against high walls/fences, vegetation, embankments/hillsides
    • where they will not be an incongruous element in the street scene.
  4. No advertising of alcohol or tobacco products, or of a racist, religious or political nature or anything of an implicit or explicit sexual nature shall be permitted on the shelter.
  5. Affected owners will be notified in writing about a proposed bus shelter with advertising if it is approved by the panel.
  6. This policy will be monitored by the Council.

2. Other matters:

  1. That the criteria for determining the need for a bus shelter be reviewed
  2. That the City Streets Unit report back to the Fendalton/Waimairi Community Board regarding the problems of providing rubbish bins at bus shelters
  3. That bus shelter advertisers be asked to consider the idea of a smaller advertising panel or a repositioned panel to enable a clear view into and out of the shelter
  4. That at the request of the Council, bus shelter advertisers be required to remove unacceptable advertising within 24 hours.
    Council, 25 November 1999.

3. That the Council's policy on bus shelter advertising be amended by:

  1. Permitting the installation of advertising bus shelters on all arterial and collector roads in both commercial and residential areas after full consultation with the property owners who are likely to be affected
  2. Requiring, in recognition of the high degree of public support for advertising bus shelters, an even balance in choosing locations for them, between residential amenity values and the needs of the public passenger transport system
  3. Policy administration by the Council.
    Council, 24 August 2000.