Adopted by the Council 27 August 2015.

Section 1: Policy context

A development contribution is a charge required by the Council from a developer of a development able to use Council infrastructure and/ or reserves, for which the Council has incurred or plans to incur capital expenditure to cater for the growth in demand to use that infrastructure. 

The Council has a Development Contributions Policy that details how development contributions are calculated, what triggers a requirement for development contributions, the amount required to be paid for a standard development and how a developer can apply for a reconsideration of development contributions required or lodge a formal objection to the required development contribution. 

The Council's Development Contributions Policy seeks to have developers who benefit from the provision of infrastructure and reserves that cater for growth to fund a fair share of the cost of this investment. The Council tries to ensure development contributions are at the right level so development is not deterred but balances this against the need to ensure additional costs are not borne unfairly by the current rate-paying community, many of whom have already contributed their fair share to growth in the past.

Section 2: Policy statement

  1. Christchurch City Council recognises that in some situations there is a significant benefit to the wider community from development and that it can be appropriate for the wider community to fund some or all of the development contributions required from that development.
  2. From time to time, the Council may decide to put in place a development contributions rebate scheme as a way to help achieve strategic goals that benefit the wider community.
  3. Any development contributions rebate scheme operated by the Council will be introduced and implemented in ways that are consistent with this Policy.

Section 3: Policy principles

  1. A development contributions rebate scheme will only be considered where there is a clearly identified benefit to the wider community. For example, to encourage development to occur faster or on a larger scale than it would without a rebate scheme in place.
  2. Rebate schemes should not be used solely to address issues of affordability for the developer. Affordability for developers is one of the considerations for the Council when adopting its development contributions policy.
  3. Development contribution rebates will be funded in ways that best reflect the benefit accruing to the community. Normally this will be from the general rate.
  4. It is neither appropriate nor permitted to fund a development contribution rebate by increasing development contribution charges to other developers.
  5. The Council will ensure the funding of development contributions rebates meets all its fiduciary requirements.
  6. Any rebate scheme should be as user-friendly for the developer as possible while being as efficient as possible for the Council to apply.
  7. Development contributions rebates are to address specific situations for a finite period of time. For longer term or permanent outcomes more general or open-ended adjustments to the development contributions regime should be made through the Council's Development Contributions Policy.

Section 4: Rebate scheme parameters

When introducing a development contributions rebate scheme the Council will decide on scheme parameters under which the rebate scheme will operate. The parameters should address the following matters:

  • Details of which developments are eligible for the rebate - identified by development type, location and/ or any other parameters of the development that enable or limit eligibility.
  • The extent of the rebate - whether all of a development contribution is to be rebated or some portion.
  • The date from which the rebate will apply and when it will expire.
  • Any financial cap that will apply to an individual development rebates and/ or to the rebate scheme as a whole.
  • Any additional conditions a development must meet to be eligible for a rebate.
  • Any process requirements regarding how or when a rebate may be applied including details of any application for a rebate that is required.

The scheme parameters adopted by the Council for each rebate scheme will be attached as an appendix to this policy. 

The adoption, review or revocation of parameters for a specific rebate scheme does not constitute a change to this policy. 

Section 5: Policy review

The Council will review this policy at least every five years. The Council may undertake a review at any time in addition to the normal review cycle.