The New Brighton Centre Master Plan aims to re-establish the centre as the heart of the community and be the key activity centre for the eastern suburbs. A revitalised, vibrant centre will attract people to ‘live, work and play’ in New Brighton.

New Brighton Mall concept

Indicative concept of the Brighton Mall upgrade looking west.

In 2015, the Council asked Development Christchurch Limited (DCL) to undertake the staged implementation of the New Brighton Centre Master Plan.  

An information booklet that gives an update on the present status of the project can be viewed here.(external link)

The process used to develop New Brighton Centre Master Plan

Date Actions
April-May 2012
Project set up 
Earthquake impacts assessed, technical information gathered and key stakeholders identified.
July 2012
Research, information gathering 
Focus group sessions with key stakeholders and residents held. Community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities identified.
July 2012
Design & feasibility testing
Technical expert workshop held to combine and reconcile community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities.
December 2012
Prepare draft master plan 
Draft master plan prepared. Approved by Council for public notification.
December 2012-February 2013
Public consultation held and 317 submissions received.
June 2013-February 2015
Follow up investigations, revisions 
Submissions analysed. Further investigations, including of economic feasibility of the proposed waterpark concept. Community Advisory Group established to aid master plan completion. Community Board recommendation not to hear submissions endorsed by Council.
March 2015
New Brighton Centre Master Plan adopted by Council.
April 2015 →
Actions implemented by community and Council (capital projects delivered as funding made available).

Vision, goals and actions

new brighton artist vision

Artist’s impression showing future vision for the New Brighton Centre.

The New Brighton Master Plan contains a strategic vision to reinvent New Brighton as Christchurch’s eastern playground.

The vision is supported by twenty three goals and four ‘big picture’ themes, which are to be delivered through nineteen detailed implementation actions.

These encourage Council, private sector, community and government-led decision-making to align and move forward together in a logical sequence.

The vision, goals and actions are described in detail on pages 20, 23 and 26 of the New Brighton Centre Master Plan [PDF, 4.1 MB].

Implementation progress

Key successes to date include:

  • Transitional projects, including the Tiny Huts
  • Following the Council’s decision to ask DCL to implement the New Brighton Master Plan in 2015, DCL has developed a high-level strategy and submitted an implementation plan to the Council for approval.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 31 in the New Brighton Centre Master Plan [PDF, 4.1 MB].

Current projects

Projects currently underway include:

  • New Brighton Pedestrian Mall and Marine Parade improvements: Public consultation on upgrades to the New Brighton Pedestrian Mall and Marine Parade (projects "A2" and "A5" in the master plan) has closed, and all feedback is currently being considered. A final draft design will be presented to the Community Board and the Council for their approval in early 2018. Shortly after that, detailed design work will take place so that the project can be delivered in Spring 2018.

  • New Brighton hot pools - Development Christchurch Limited (DCL)(external link) is leading the planning and delivery of hot salt water pools, a project which was raised by residents during the preparation of the New Brighton Master Plan. Funding for the project was approved in June 2017 as part of the Council's Annual Plan process. DCL has been seeking feedback from the community about the project and can be contacted for more information.