Parts of Christchurch have always been prone to flooding, and the earthquakes have only made the flood risk worse.

Fllod protection being built

Our plan

We have committed a significant amount of funding to our Land Drainage Recovery Programme over the next 10 years. Land drainage recovery projects include drains, flood retention basins, pump stations and stormwater pipe upgrades.

Projects are prioritised according to the impact of the earthquakes, social benefits and other long-term benefits such as improved water quality.

We will spend $262 million through the Land Drainage Recovery Programme on projects to reduce flood risk.

In addition to the land drainage recovery programme, we propose spending $416 million on stormwater and flood protection infrastructure over the next 10 years, including:

  • Waterway lining renewals ($89 million).
  • Styx stormwater management plan ($55 million).
  • Stormwater pipe renewals ($49 million).
  • Southwest stormwater management plan ($24 million).
  • Avon stormwater management plan ($19 million).

What has changed after public feedback?

We heard concerns about Southshore, New Brighton and the Styx River catchment so we are:

  • Reviewing funding for Southshore and New Brighton issues once Regenerate Christchurch completes a strategy in March 2019.
  • Considering re-phasing funding for the Styx River catchment.