Christchurch residents have identified roading as their top priority.

Family riding bikes on road

Our plan

We will progress our 30-year programme of work to improve our roading network.

We are also looking at ways to encourage people to use other forms of transport. And we’re making changes to our central city so that it’s easier for people to get to and move around in, whether by bus, car, bicycle or on foot.

We will spend $1.077 billion on transport projects in the next 10 years. 

The $1.077 billion on transport and related projects includes:

 Roading projects:

  • Road pavement, footpath and kerb and channel renewals and carriageway resealing and surfacing ($263 million).
  • An Accessible City ($40 million).
  • Road pavement smoothing ($35 million).
  • Sumner Road geotechnical risk mitigation ($30 million).
  • Northern Arterial extension, including Cranford St upgrade ($29 million).
  • Pages Road bridge replacement ($20 million).

Other projects:

  • Major Cycleway Routes ($204 million, of which 50 per cent to 66 per cent will be refunded on completion of the work).
  • Public transport infrastructure ($65 million), including central bus interchange purchase ($23 million).
  • Replacing street lights with energy-efficient LED lights ($35 million).

What’s changed after public feedback?

We heard very clearly during the Long Term Plan hearings that people want the roads repaired faster so we have re-phased our transport programme so we can fix the roads and footpaths that are in the worst condition sooner. Submitters also told us they want us to continue with the Major Cycleways Programme.

We will:

  • Provide additional funding to address road safety issues around the city. We are allocating an extra $16.8 million over the next three years for improving roads and footpaths, including intersections and school safety.
  • Bring forward work on sections of the Quarryman’s Trail and Nor’West Arc cycle routes so kids from the many schools along these routes can travel more safely. 
  • Bring forward by one year funding for the second section of the Heathcote Expressway due to the safety issues on Port Hills Road.