City Council fees and charges for corporate for 2022/2023. Set under Section 12 Local Government Act 2002.

Debt collection

Where any fee or charge (or other amounts payable) has not been paid by the due date, the Council may commence debt recovery action.

The Council reserves the right to charge interest, payable from the date the debt became due, calculated in accordance with (or on a basis that ensures it does not exceed interest calculated in accordance with) Schedule 2 of the Interest on Money Claims Act 2016.

The Council also reserves its right to recover the costs incurred in pursuing recovery of the debt on a solicitor/client basis. Debt recovery action commences when the Council sends the debt to a debt collector or a lawyer to be recovered, whether or not any court proceedings are issued.

Online or credit card payments

The Council is not obliged to accept any online or credit card payment. Where such payments are accepted, the Council reserves the right to add a surcharge to the amount being paid, to approximately meet the costs incurred by the Council as a result of this acceptance.

Payment denominations

All payments to Council should be in reasonable denominations, including compliance with section 27 of the Reserve Bank Act 1989 for cash payments.

The Council reserves the right to refuse acceptance or to add an additional administration fee to the amount owed where the payer attempts to make multiple small-denomination payments (including multiple payments by electronic mechanisms) in a manner which Council staff at their sole discretion consider to be unreasonable or vexatious.