The annual report and audited financial statements of the Christchurch City Council, together with the report of the Audit Office, were adopted by the Council on 16 October 2008.

cover of the 2008 Annual ReportPublished on 7 November 2008 by the Office of the Chief Executive, Christchurch City Council, in compliance with s98(4) of the Local Government Act 2002. ISBN 978-1-877313-43-1.

The Christchurch City Council produces an Annual Report each year to account for the money provided to it by its ratepayers and by financial institutions and government agencies.

It shows how the Council is delivering on the outcomes its community wishes.

This report makes reference to the Council’s strategies and plans, particularly the Annual Plan 2007/08 and the Long-Term Council Community Plan 2006-16, adopted in June 2006 after consultation with ratepayers and other key stakeholders.