The Council Archives is our record of the history of governance and public places in our city. These records have been assessed as having continuing value to both aid accountability and promote the historical and cultural heritage of our city.

What is in the archives?

Records held within our collection include:

  • Minute books
  • Correspondence
  • Cemetery records
  • Former Local Authority Records
  • Christchurch City Council Photographs
  • Dwellings
  • Local Government Electoral Rolls
  • Parks and Reserves

Accessing the archives

The Christchurch City Council Archives are housed at Recall, a large international business records and archives storage facility that supports many large public and private organisations. They are located in the newly developed area near the Christchurch International Airport called Dakota Park on Ron Guthrey Road (turn at the Russley/Avonhead Road intersection):

Access to the collection is by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 12.30-4.30pm. 

Request access

For access to the archive, please contact the Archivist:

Please note that there may be limitations placed on some parts of the collection either due to restricted content or extreme fragility of the items. The Archivist will advise accordingly.