Electing the Mayor in the 2022 local election.

Mayor (1 vacancy)

Independent - I Hear I Care


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for Council - Innes Ward.

Hello, Kia Ora!
I'm Carl Bromley. I am honoured to stand for Christchurch Mayor. I currently reside in the Avondale suburb. I'm 52yrs of age, been married for 27yrs to an amazing woman. I have three adult children and three grandchildren.
I am a Registered Nurse (non-practicing), and an ordained Pastor. I have 30yrs professionally specialising in Mental Health working with Adults, and young people. I had a private practice as a Therapist, hence business experience.
My vision is for Christchurch is to become the envy of all New Zealand through my five-point policy which can viewed on my campaign page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarlBromleyForMayor
I am a strong advocate of the New Zealand Bill of Rights, justice, safety, freedom, and health.
I bring conviction, courage, commitment, and compassion. Support me to support you to secure a Happy, Healthy, Thriving and Free Christchurch for all.
Nga Mihi,
Warm Regards
Carl Bromley

Chirny for Mayor


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for Council - Riccarton Ward.

I'm standing for mayor because I believe that Christchurch needs new blood and a new culture of accountability. We need a young mayor with energy and enthusiasm, who will take sincere and concrete steps to restore trust in the Council. I want to tie Council promises to real consequences; the Council should compensate residents when they fail to deliver for their communities.
I have a depth of experience bringing people together to achieve exciting and unlikely things, and I want to do that for our city. As we grow, we're experiencing growing pains, and there will be friction between peoples' competing visions for our city, but I am always so humbled by what can be achieved just by tapping into the extraordinary talent I've found in Christchurch, and connecting the right people with each other.
Vote for an energetic, connected, and united Christchurch.
Vote Chirny. www.chirnyformayor.co.nz

Economic Euthenics


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for Council - Spreydon Ward and Spreydon Ward of the Waihoro Spreydon-Cashmere-Heathcote Community Board.

Also for Councillor and Community Board, Jobes Comforter Policy. The coming rest home explosion. The hurg Raygan Sturrm flooding southshore. We need the Clifton-Southshore bridge rebuilt and over the avon/creek at Breezes Rd. The weight of the flooding will push down on the plates under the city and hills, and push up the lid on the dormant, not extinct Volcano, and it will blow ash and molten rocks for up to 500 miles around. No more weight on Cashan quay, it could push down and push the Volcano lid up at Diamond Harbour and blow also. We would have a Grand Old Duke of York situation with half the people rushing up the hill, and half rushing down.
Buttresses around the stadium, and a roof that can support the weight of a metre of snow, and no leaks.
I will pronounce Maori words with wuh dialect.

Stop the Stadium

Stephen JELLEY

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

No Statement Provided.




My principal place of residence is not in the Christchurch City Council area. I am also standing for Council - Harewood Ward.

I live in Waimakariri, which is North of Christchurch and I am also a candidate for the Harewood Ward.
Love our City. My vison is Christchurch - the Garden City of Dreams.
I want to promote the city's history and architecture, artistic excellence, make it more child friendly, promote business, monitor rates and promote teamwork.
My skills are as a cabinetmaker, project management, business, and traffic management.
I also want to promote the Event and Screen Industry in Canterbury and the South Island.
My key issues are Civil Defence, Emergency Management, Three Waters, Health and Aged Care.
And to promote creative thinking and artistic excellence.

Let's Get Stuff Done


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Phil Mauger - Let's Get Stuff Done
I am running for Mayor because I want to regain people's trust in Council and get stuff done. With only 42% of residents having faith in what we do, this has got to be turned around.
I have lived in Christchurch all my life working in our contracting business, building subdivisions all over the city. I have resigned from the business to focus on running for Mayor.
My wife Chrissy and I have five children and nine grandchildren. I am the Councillor for Burwood, a role I enjoy, but I can see how we can make things better and take Christchurch forward by focusing on key matters like delivering services better, finishing our roads and footpaths, making rates affordable and looking after our environment.
We need to listen to your concerns and make Christchurch the best city to work, live, play and invest in.

Listens, Leads and Gets Results


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

I was born and raised in Christchurch. It is my home.
I am standing for Mayor, as an independent, because I see the huge potential we have. We need to move beyond the politics and bureaucracy that prevent us from achieving what this city could be. We can be a place that gives a voice to its communities, its environment, its business innovators, and its investment in future generations.
I led a large and diverse team in my role as CEO for the CDHB, NZ's second largest health board, where we created a shared sense of direction and purpose while ensuring we got things done.
I listen, and I believe I have the leadership skills critical to rebuilding trust and reconnecting Christchurch City Council with all its communities.
We must take account of the diverse voices of our communities, act with vision and ambition and deliver on what we promise.


Nikora NITRO

My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Tena Koutou Tautahi, Christchurch.
My name is Nikora Nitro
I am Maori, Samoan, Pakeha, Gay and Anglican.
I speak fluent Te Reo Maori and fluent Pakeha.
Please vote Nitro for Mayor.
It's going to take some Nitro to get things cranking properly in this City.
My simple saying is: If I make it in - we all make it in.
Together we can make transformational changes and lead the City to inspire its people out of poverty and to improve the quality of life for all communities living in Christchurch.
Money cannot fix the heart and wairua of our beautiful City.
Only people can.
The City has forgotten its people and it's communities. Aue!
Blow the putatara, call the people out of poverty, reconnect our communities, inspire confidence in our leaders from the ground up and watch our City of Christchurch come alive.
Tutira mai nga iwi, tatou, tatou e!


My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

He was Radio Design-(RF) Engineer and lost Gas New Brighton business by earthquake on 4th.
September 2010 that makes Miner Domino Effects for my life as you known.
The City is supply with nature beauties such as the beautiful Avon-River care by good people.
A safe community be perfect for freedom style living.
Those generate powerful business developing for Christchurch.
Makes sense what is the Mayor's Leadership can do make for One Thing!
That care, can change to beautiful Christchurch.
Sam Park can do Rebuild, Develop and Resolve controversial issues.
Also, the Council work will change office work Faster, Correct and Fairly for both!
I cannot this role by alone.
Sam can do however he need your strongest supports.
I wish, wise Husky Dogs vote for me.
My freshness has helped paint many pictures on to Christchurch City Canvas all together.



My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Morale in Christchurch is currently at a record low. Mental health officials are stressed out.
As the TV series Yes Minister so brilliantly illustrated, good intentions expressed in political policy statements are little more than hot air.
Only resourceful and well-known individuals with a lengthy record of public service, influence on public affairs, and independence from pressure that might inhibit their performance, can in good faith stand for the office of Mayor. Unlike councillors, mayors are the publicly chosen Icons of their cities.
My position on social and cultural matters is clearly expressed in my provocative public actions and publications over the past fifty years.
Making promises about reforming the City Council without knowing whether they are achievable or not would be dishonest. Given the opportunity, I have achieved seemingly impossible reforms in the institutions I have been associated with. I am content to stand on my good-humoured past record.



My principal place of residence is in the Christchurch City Council area.

Retired airline jet pilot, living on Clifton Hill. EV Tesla Model-Y owner soon. Gluten free vegan, loves drinking freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice. Survived Covid unvaccinated.
New Zealand needs to be a neutral country and have a constitution to protect our individual rights, food growing areas, freedom of speech and community assets.
Councils power has been eroded by the Government's ability to put fluoride in the water which I oppose. Along with the asset grab through the Three Waters legislation.
The Government used debt-free money during the pandemic but has not given debt-free money to Councils to improve Councils services, enhance the environment and reduce housing costs.
I see the Government as the financier to reduce the costs to the residents and rate payers to have a sustainable partnership.
The man to stand up for Christchurch's share of Government funding.
Wakeman thanks you for your previous votes for Mayor.


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