The Mayor and Councillors identified five strategic priorities at the start of this Council term, reflecting key issues and priorities of Christchurch residents.

The strategic priorities are areas of the Council’s operations where elected members want to see a change in approach or increase in focus over this Council term and beyond.

While the priorities do not specifically refer to all Council activities and services, they highlight issues which many Council work programmes have an ability to progress.

The priorities are our focus for improvement – where we need to intensify our work and align our skills and resources, collaborating across the Council to deliver better services to the communities we serve.

Council Chambers

Enabling active and connected communities to own their future

Connected communities are happier, healthier, more productive and resilient. 

Active communities can have a say in and contribute to decision-making, working in partnership with the Council.   

The Council has an important role in enabling active, engaged and connected communities. 

Active, connected communities have played a critical role in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in supporting vulnerable community members, and the Council wants communities to continue to be partners in social recovery as we work out our 'new normal'.

Council Ranger

Meeting the challenge of climate change through every means available

Christchurch faces urgent climate challenges as a low-lying coastal city and the Council has taken a leadership role on climate change for many years.  

In 2019 the Council declared a climate and ecological emergency in acknowledgement of the urgency of responding to the challenges of climate change.

The climate is changing in ways that will affect all of us and so we all need to work together to create a sustainable future.

The Council set a target for the Christchurch district to be net carbon neutral by 2045 and we will work with communities to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by climate change.

Drinking fountain

Ensuring a high-quality drinking water supply that is safe and sustainable

The loss of secure water status in December 2017 and the requirement for chlorination was a significant challenge for the Council. 

The Council has prioritised work to improve the security of the water supply network in order to future-proof it for the city. 


The Terraces

Accelerating the momentum the city needs

Our city has been transformed by post-earthquake investment in its environment, new commercial development and housing.

Christchurch now offers opportunities to people across our region, the South Island and to the wider New Zealand economy. 

The Council aims to deliver on its commitments, maximise the city’s potential and attract new investment. 

COVID-19 brought new challenges for the city that we are working on with district, regional and central government partners. 

We will look to re-establish momentum where it matters most, in particular ensuring a vibrant, functioning central city as well as regeneration of smaller centres.

Ensuring rates are affordable and sustainable

Even prior to the impact of COVID-19, the Council was very aware of community expectations regarding forecast rates increases set out in the 2018-2028 LTP.   

COVID-19 created new challenges that require the Council to explore all aspects of its financial capacity and consider a more flexible approach both during and beyond the recovery phase. 

Our inter-generational responsibilities will require us to make investments now so that the financial burden is not transferred to future ratepayers at much higher costs.