Strategic Framework

The Council approved a new 2020 Strategic Framework on 19 December 2019. This new Framework formed part of the consultation document on the 2020/21 Annual Plan.

A new Strategic Framework is being developed by Mayor Phil Mauger and the new Council. Updated information on this will be provided as soon as possible in 2023.

The Strategic Framework [PDF, 1.9 MB] provides a big picture view of what the Council is trying to achieve for the community. 

It provides the foundation for our Long Term Plan and guides the allocation of our effort and resources.

The wellbeing of our diverse communities is at the heart of what we do, and this Framework spells out our commitment to social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing.

We know that we will encounter future disruptions and challenges. 

Resilience is not simply about preparing our infrastructure or built environment and it is not about bouncing back to the way things used to be.

Resilience is about understanding the risks and challenges we face and developing ways to adapt and co-create a new normal.

The strength of our resilience lies in us, not just as individuals but as whānau and communities.

Whiria ngā whenu o ngā papa, honoa ki te maurua tāukiuki.

Whakataukī/proverbs play an important role in Māori oration and writing, explaining important ideas often by metaphor or poem. 

The whakataukī in the Strategic Framework sums up the mutual commitment between the Council and Ngāi Tahu Papatipu Rūnanga to a governing partnership relationship based on understanding and respect.

This partnership commits us to working together to improve social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing for all.

Ōtautahi - Christchurch is a city of opportunity for all… open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things – a city where anything is possible.

The Strategic Framework is headed by a vision statement that sends a message of openness and opportunity to all who live here, to the wider region, to New Zealand and to the world. 

The vision sets out what we value and what we aspire to as a city.

These principles underpin how the Council goes about its work in pursuit of our vision. 

Section 14 of the Local Government Act specifies all principles with which local authorities must comply in performing their role.

In conducting their review of the Strategic Framework in 2019, the Mayor and Councillors highlighted these specific principles that they consider particularly important.

The community outcomes describe what we aim to achieve for Christchurch.

The Local Government Act requires all local government organisations to set community outcomes. 

Our community outcomes capture what we aim to achieve in promoting the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of our community.

We cannot achieve these outcomes alone – it will require collaboration with the Government, other agencies and the community.

The Mayor and Councillors identified five strategic priorities at the start of this Council term, reflecting key issues and priorities of Christchurch residents.   

The strategic priorities are areas of the Council’s operations where elected members want to see a change in approach or increase in focus over this Council term and beyond. 

While the priorities do not specifically refer to all Council activities and services, they highlight issues which many Council work programmes have an ability to progress.

The priorities are our focus for improvement – where we need to intensify our work and align our skills and resources, collaborating across the Council to deliver better services to the communities we serve.

Ensuring we get core business done while delivering on our strategic priorities and achieving our community outcomes.

Every three years the Council develops a Long Term Plan (LTP), which has a financial strategy with a 10-year outlook and an infrastructure strategy with a 30-year outlook.  

This Framework sets the strategic foundation for the Council’s Long Term Plan, providing direction for the work programmes and budgets which make up the Plan.

We monitor and report on our progress against the Long Term Plan, and the strategies, plans and partnerships that sit under it.