Proposed $10 million grant for ChristChurch Cathedral

Have your say on the proposal to contribute a grant of $10 million to the reinstatement of the ChristChurch Cathedral

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 12th October 2017 - 16th November 2017

Consultation now closed

Consultation on the proposal to contribute a grant of $10 million to the reinstatement of the ChristChurch Cathedral has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 12 October to 16 November 2017.

During this time we heard from 1063 individuals and groups. You can read their feedback and the consultation report in the agenda for the Hearings Panel.(external link)

The Hearings Panel for this consultation is scheduled for Thursday 14 December 2017, from 9am, at Council Chambers, Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

From the Mayor

ChristChurch Cathedral

When I received the message from the Bishop that the Synod had confirmed the proposal to reinstate ChristChurch Cathedral I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. It was a decision that meant the church and the city could move forward and not spend years in court not knowing when or what the result would be.

I spoke to the Synod in support of the government’s offer and said if they accepted the offer we would begin a public consultation as soon as possible after the general election. We would be asking our residents and ratepayers if they would support a $10m capital grant to retain the heritage and the civic elements of the Cathedral with which we share our name.

As you will know, we were New Zealand’s first city established by Royal Charter 31 July 1856. This required a commitment to build a cathedral - a seat for the Bishop. So the historic connection with the Cathedral is very real.

The wide range of feedback from our communities around the fate of the Cathedral though, clearly demonstrated two things. First, people were divided about the future of the Cathedral – reinstatement or new build. But second, we were united in wanting a decision, because the lack of a decision was holding the city back.

This process of consultation will enable Council to consider the grant, and the terms under which such a grant could be made, from all perspectives. We have chosen a model that spreads the funds for this grant across the city, in an even-handed way over a number of years to minimise the impact on rates and maximise the benefits.

This is not merely a referendum with a simple yes/no. It’s an invitation to provide feedback – the why is just as important as the answer.

I have warmly welcomed the Synod’s decision to reinstate the cathedral as the heart and soul of the city Christchurch. This is your chance to play a part in that too.