This water is used to supply approximately 130 houses in Birdlings Flat.

Water for the Birdlings Flat water supply scheme is taken from a well on Jones Road, and is pumped to the treatment plant, which is between Baileys Road and Poranui Beach Road.   Treated water is pumped to approximately 130 houses in Birdlings Flat.  It is a restricted water supply, which means that each house has its own storage tank which can receive up to 1,000 litres of water per day. 

Water was previously taken from a shallow well next to the treatment plant, but this became saline and did not meet one of the aesthetic guideline value in the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.  This did not affect the safety of the water, but did affect the taste, so this well was taken out of service in 2013 and water brought in by tanker while a solution was found.  Access to a 188 metre deep well on Jones Road was secured, and a pump station and pipeline was constructed in 2014 to convey water from the well to the treatment plant. 

The water supply scheme was built in 1974, with untreated water from the well piped to properties Birdlings Flat.  The treatment plant was built in 2010.  Untreated water from the well is stored in above ground tanks, and then passes through a media filter before being disinfected with UV light.  Treated water is pumped to properties in Birdlings Flat.