We would like to offer your school the opportunity to take part in our new interactive presentation.

Apply for a dog education training session

Book a 45-minute presentation. These are available throughout the school year and parents are most welcome to attend.

Children will learn: 

  • how to avoid being bitten by dogs.
  • the correct way to approach a dog they do not know.
  • the basic responsibilities of a dog owner.
  • the daily routine of an Animal Management Officer.

Some of your students may have had little or no prior contact with a dog, or have had an unpleasant experience with a dog. We provide the opportunity to safely interact with a real dog, but we can offer alternatives to those who are afraid of dogs.

The New Zealand Institute of Animal Management (NZIAM) has endorsed this programme and aims to have an officer visit every school in New Zealand to educate students about dog safety.

The Dog Safety presentation has been updated to closely align with Levels One and Three of the Health and Physical Education sections of the 2007 New Zealand Curriculum and it helps schools achieve the following objectives:

  • Strand A (3) Safety Management – identify risks and their causes and describe safe practices to manage these
  • Strand D (1) Community Resources – Identify and discuss obvious hazards in their local environment (i.e. dogs) and adopt simple safety practices.