Every dog older than three months must to be registered.

Registering a new dog online

  1. Complete the Dog registration form
  2. We will contact you with a unique ID number and the registration fee(external link) due
  3. Payment can be made online(external link) or at any Council service desk(external link)
  4. Once payment is received we will send you your registration tag/s for this year.

Register your dog

Re-registering dogs

Renewals of existing registrations are due from July 1 each year. Registered dog owners will be posted reminder notices, which serve as invoices.

If your details and the details of your dogs have not changed, you can pay your renewal online(external link) using the CCC Owner ID number provided on the renewal notice or at any Council service desk(external link).

If details have changed from those posted out, you can update your details online or at any any Council service desk(external link).