Responsible dog owner status recognises responsible dog owner practices and entitles holders to a reduced annual dog registration fee for payment by 30 June each year. A dog owner seeking responsible dog owner status must meet the application criteria set

Before you begin

  • Applications must be received and approved prior to 30 April in any year to enable the successful applicant to gain responsible dog owner status for the dog registration year commencing 1 July.
  • Once granted the owner continues to hold the status unless the Council has reason to remove it for breach of the rules.
  • You must be a recorded dog owner and have registered in Christchurch for at least one year before you apply for the status.
  • Once you have been granted responsible dog owner status, any fee concessions relate to registration and payment of fees by 30 June each year. Following this, standard fees would apply until 31 July. Penalty fees may also apply after 31 July.
  • Failure to have registered by 31 July may cause the responsible dog owner status to be removed from you.  standard fees would apply if the status is removed and late penalty fees may also apply after 31 July.
  • Should responsible dog owner status be withdrawn because the criteria and conditions of this status have been breached, the owner may not be considered for the status again until two years after the date of withdrawal.
  • Any change of residential address or dog registration details (including information on the death, sale, or transfer of any dogs, and including the birth of any pups) must be notified in writing, by email, online or by phone to the Council within 14 days.
  • Applications for responsible dog owner status will not be granted to owners of dogs that are classified as menacing by deed or dangerous.

Note: It is an offence under the Dog Control Act 1996 to knowingly provide false information in relation to the registration of a dog. 

Dog owner details

In order to hold Responsible Dog Owner status, you must have complied with the requirements of the Dog Control Act 1996 and the current Christchurch City Council Dog Control Bylaw.

Please confirm you meet all of these conditions:

If you own more than two dogs:

Dog details

Dog 1
Dog 2
Dog 3
Privacy Act

The information collected will enable the Council to maintain its dog register and records.

The intended user of the information is the Council’s Animal Management Section.

You have the right of access to and correction of any personal information held about you by the Council. This information is held on the Council’s dog register.

Supply of information from the dog register is strictly limited by Section 35 of the Dog Control Act 1996(external link).